We are…..

….Ye Banished Privateers.

Unter anderem 😉

Because Ye Banished Privateers can’t play as much in Germany (and Switzerland) as we fans would like, we had something to do about that. So our kind of loose Fanclub-Facebookgroup-Pirates Privateers of Libertalia came up with the idea of some sort of fan-concert somewere in Germany. The idea was, we would collect money to pay the flight, hotelrooms and the location and the band would play a concert for us. Everyone seemed to be very excited about the idea and so the whole project startet rolling.

From the raw idea to the final concert was a lot of work to do. Thanks to Jessy and Ina, everything went as it should (or so it seemed from my point of view).

Then the final day had come and our ship sailed towards Hamm. Gwen and I had booked a hotelroom next to where the party should take place. After a little bit of preparation we were ready. When we arrived at the Pirates a lot of fellow shipmates were already waiting to enter the party. At the entrance, we got a cute armband and inside we found a wall with name-buttons. Lovely!

DSC_3393_00006.jpgGwen and I went to grab something to drink inside at the bar. Unfortunately it was very crowded, so we went outside again and took a seat in the garden, where already a few Libertalians were. Soon almost everyone joined us outside. Gwen and I received some last minute make-up (thank you again for that ❤ ), as we were not dirty enough 😉
Later on, the band also joined their fans, but sadly to late for cherry beer. It’s very strange, that there was not enough cherry beer. C’mon, Ye Banished Privateers are known to be THE cherry beer band! Despite that discomfort, we enjoyed a lovely evening with nice food, drinks, music and a lot of laughter.

DSC_3433_00046.jpgThen startet the real event. To warm us up, the Drunken Saints played. I think, they are quite good. But the Sound System was very poor, so I couldn’t really hear enough to get a true opinion. Then, it was time for the stars to enter the stage. Our beloved swedish pirates gave us everything we had asked for and then some more. The show was great, the sound was good and the rain didn’t bother us. Hey, we are pirates, we get wet anyway 😉
Sadly, my backproblems didn’t let me enjoy the evening dancing and celebrating but forced me to take a seat under the roof. But still I enjoyed a absolut great concert. As I was sitting there, to ladies took a seat next to me and asked me about the show, Ye Banished Privateers and the Privateers of Libertalia. I did my best to convince them, that it’s a great band and partly I succeed because at the end, one of them bought the new CD. Yes, the new CD. Everyone who came to the fan event could buy „First Night Back In Port“ one week before it was officially released. Of course Gwen and I also bought the CD plus some stickers and the flag. But soon we said our good-byes and went back to the hotel.
The next morning, after a nice breakfast, we sailed back home, listening to our new treasure.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend.

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