Through the gates of glory into infinty

When Dragonforce announced Twilight Force will be the support band during the europe part of the reaching into infinity tour, I really hoped to see at least one show. Unfortunately the schedule wasn’t very supportive. The one show in Switzerland was on a thursday, the shows on the weekends to far away. Or so it seemed. In the end we found a way, like always. 😉

It was the 26th of october, when Gwen and I were on a mission. The goal? Beeing in Pratteln at the latest at 6 p.m.! The reason? Sir Tommys birthday and a little winged beast.
ut let’s start at the beginning. A few days prior, we found out about Sir Tommys birthday at the day of Pratteln. The knights of Twilights Might (official Twilight Force Fanclub) decided to gift him with a little dragon. The dragon was hand-sewn by Gwen and I made a Cape for her. We just managed in time to finish everything.
In the afternoon of said day I had a very important appointment with my doctor. As always I had to wait almost for a half an hour so when I finally came home, we were already slightly behind our schedule. In a haste we finished our preparations and left our home. A few minutes later, we were back because we forgot our swords. But finally we were on the road to Pratteln. I was driving and Gwen was updating Milena and the rest of the group about our progress. Unfortuantely there was a lot of traffic, so it took us longer to get to Pratteln than planed. At the end, we arrived a few moments after 6 but the parking at the venue was already closed. So Gwen grabed our gift for Tommy and the Braaaains (sweets) for the band and jumped out of my car. I went in search for a parking space and she met with Born to give him the gifts. Due our haste to be on time at Z7, I had no time to finish  my costume. So when Gwen and I met up again, she hand to glue my elven ears to my real ears. Then we went to the entrance, where Purple and shaman-girl where already waiting. The entrance went really smooth so we ended up first row without any trouble. A little while later, Leed also catched up with us, so we were finally all together again.

Picture by Melanie



Altough the show was really great, I couldn’t wait until the the „ceremony“. Finally it was time. Sir Tommy started to introduce the game of who-is-louder when he was interrupted by Blackwald. The face Tommy made was really funny. Like „why the hell is Blackwald babbling when I’m supposed to hold my speech?“. But when Blackwald continued to read our words of gratitude, support and love for Tommy he seemed quickly overwhelmed. Then Aerendir approached and handed over the little dragon to Tommy. It was wonderful to see the joy and happyness of Tommy, escpecally when the crowd sang happy birthday. If you wanna see it, just hurry to Gwen, she banned it magically on a moving drawing.
Afterwards I was quite exhausted. Maybe that’s the reason why I was made to pose with the rest of the group and the band for pictures 😀
But due to my fatigue I decided to enjoy Dragonforce from the back of the room rather than front row. It was still great fun and I enjoyed it very much.

Afterwards we stayed a bit inside to chat and enjoy something to drink. As we were „standing around“ Blackwald stopped for a short chat with us. Due to his Shirt we soon started talking about Star Trek. I tried to translate for Purple but she isn’t so much into that stuff. After a few minutes, Blackwald turned to her „We are to nerdy for you, right?“. It was so funny. To Blackwalds horror a few minutes before midnight security told us, we had to leave the venue. But we promised him to meet outside again for more talk. So we wen’t out of the building. Unfortunately Blackwald seemed to be very occupied and Gwen and I were really tired. So we said goodbye to Leed, Purple and shaman-girl and drove back home. This time it was a much faster ride.

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