There and back again

As you know, we are a bit crazy. Even if we don’t need to prove it anymore, we do it on a regular basis. After our trip to Pratteln, we had a day off. For a good reason. Early in the next morning, Gwen and I had to get up and take the train to Zurich and meet up with Purple. At the bus station near Central Station was our Flixbus to Milano waiting.

Ok, not really, because the bus was late. In the end almost 2 hours late. It arrived to late at Zurich and on the way to Milano there were several traffic jams. But that’s fine. More time to sleep. 😉
When we finally arrived at Milano, we had to find out, how to get to our hotel. Thank god Gwen and Purple were able to do so, I was to sleepy to really understand the different lines and colours. I would have just spent a lot of money for a cab. From the Metro station it took us a short walk to our first hotel. It was a nice appart hotel. Our room would have been enough for six people so it was ok for us. As we were really hungry we wen’t out for an early dinner. The food at the restaurant war really delicious, the music….not so much. We decided to skip dessert and went back to our hotel. On the way there we stopped at the supermarket to buy breakfast and some treats. Back at the hotel we sat down for a few minutes to talk and enjoy our sweets. But let’s face it, we are old, so we wen’t to bed really early 😀
The next morning started with a tasty breakfast and packing our stuff. We had to leave the hotel and go to the next one. Complicated? Yeah, that’s just us. With our luggage we walked through Milano. It took us about 40 Minutes but on the way we met some nice people. At the new place we started to dress up for the evening. In the meantime shaman-girl also arrived, which was good, not only because she had our tickets. We left the hotel early and wen’t to the venue. Some people where already there, waiting to get in. We decided not to stay though but to go grab some food. Quite important for two diabetics. During our meal Purple remembered something important: She needed money and she forgot her sword at the hotel. So she went on to grab those things while Gwen, shaman-girl and I wen’t back to the club. While waiting for the opening, we had a lot of fun. The entrance was a bit unusual. Even though we had valid tickets, we were forced to buy membership of the club. Only five euros, but still!
We have been warned that the club is really small. Someone said, its more like a toilet, so small. It was small indeed but Purple and I still managed to get first row. It was far on the right hand side but we felt ok there. Gwen and shaman-girl stayed in the middle of the stage in second row.

As always Twilight Force started 5 Minutes earlier and they gave us quite a show. The stage was really small, but they managed to rock it anyhow (and without destroying equipment, which surprises me the most. Especially after Born had to rearange De’Ash’s equipment due to Sir Tommy entering the stage a bit enthusiastic). I know a lot of people are absolutely happy, the guys are playing „There and back again“ on this tour. Although I do like the song, it is not one of my favorites. I prefer other songs, one of them is „The power of the ancient force“ which they play as the last song of the setlist.

After the show Purple and I decided to wait for the guys at the merch table. We were hoping for a little chat and Purple wanted to take pictures with them. For whatever reason, Twilight Force didn’t show up. When we realized that, the concert of Dragon Force had already started and the place was packed. So we decided to stay in the back and listen rather then watch the show. It was still awesome.
When the show was over, we stayed for a bit at the merch table. Sometimes later, Blackwald came to us for a quick chat. Gwen and I were glad about that, because we had some more braaaaaiiiiins for the band 😉
Around midnight (or was it later?) security started to shoo everyone out. So we took our leave as well. Standing outside of the Club and saying our goodbyes to some of the guys, the Club owner came to us, aksing what we were doing. It seemed Gwen made a friend, because he insisted we come back inside for another drink. Poor bartender, couldn’t mix us some fancy drinks. Gwen was still on high medication, I hardly ever drink alcohol on concerts due to my diabetic, shaman-girl don’t drink alcohol and Purple prefered a beer. While we were standing at the bar, chating and having fun, Sam of Dragon Force joined us. After a few minutes of small talk, he started to fidget a little bit. Finally he whispered to me if I let him touch my ears. First I was a bit iritated, but the I remebered my elvish ears. After I gave him my permission he started to fumble my ear. He was surprised the ear felt so soft.
When it was finally time for us to go back to the hotel, we said our goodbys to everyone. Sam asked us, if we will met again during th tour. As Purple and shaman-girl were attending some more shows, they confirmed of course. Gwen and I told him, that sadly we wouldn’t come to anymore shows. He wanted to know why and so we told him, the only „possibility“ would have been Bremen, but that was sold out…


The next morning, Gwen and I took the Bus back home to Zurich, while Purple and shaman-girl continued their journey to Bologna.


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