Reckoning day, for the demons we slay

Did I mention the other day, that we had only the chance to go to two Dragonforce / Twilight Force concerts during the reaching into infinity tour because the other dates were not managable and Bremen was sold out anyway? Well, we also talked about that sad fact with Sam after the show in Milano. He was really disapointed and told us, if we wanted to come to Bremen, we should write him an email.

But as we had an appointment with some good friends for said weekend, we didn’t put much thought into it. On monday of the very same week, our friends informed us, that they needed to cancel our date. Of course I was disappointed but understood their reasons. In my eyes, it was also a welcome opportunity to stay at home and do some much needed choires (as we usually only had times for the basic cleaning and stuff like that). Gwen on the other hand was already checking out, if we could make it to Bremen and back home in reasonable time and with reasonable costs. When she asked me, if I would join, I hesitated but said yes in the end, knowing I would feel left out, if I stayed at home.

So late at friday evening we took the train from Zurich to Basel, where we had a direct train to Bremen. As it was a normal train, sleeping was difficult and I only managed to catch some rest from time to time. From the train station at Bremen it took us a few minutes to walk to an appartment, rented for that weekend by shaman-girl and Purple. We could stay at that place as well, because it had enough space for the four of us. Purple was still fast asleep when we arrived, but shaman-girl was awake. She had later on an appointment in the city with some friends. Gwen joined her for a short walk, we needed some groceries. I took a nap, as I tend to get migraine, when I don’t get enough rest.
Later in the afternoon, we had an early dinner; pizza from the freezer but it was still very tasty. Then we started to get ready. Once again we had to glue our ears to our ears 😉
When everyone was finished we wen’t to the venue. It was a short walk, about two minutes or so. So we arrived really early.
We managed to catch Blackwald on his way from the bus to the location. I explained to him that we had only planed with to shows, so no more braaaiiins for them. He tried not to show his disappointment to much. When we told him, that we brought some horror sweets instead, he was happy again 😉

I  was a bit nervous, hoping that the whole guest-list-thing went smooth. It did indeed and so we were standing front row, excited and happy awaiting a great evening. I really enjoyed the show of Twilight Force, the sound was good and they showed a great performance as always. But that night I was absolutely looking forward to Dragonforce. Not only because of the nice favour from Sam but it was my first front row show of them. It was absolutely great and I loved every minute of the show. The stage was so close to the crowd I sometimes just enjoyed watching Sams or Hermans guitar play. I mean, it was really fast!
Unfortunately there were also some idiots pushing from behind, jumping into people (also into me) and one actually knocked me a few times at the head.
After the show I bought some merch stuff – unfortunately no stickers, because none of the bands sell them at the time. Gwen and I met also with Sam to show him our appreciation for his help with sweets in the shape of unicorns. I don’t know if he actually ate those, he seemed a bit wary if unicorn-sweets are tasty. After some more talks with friends we were ushured out of the venue, so we stayed outside to talk some more. Unfortunately the events during the concert costed me some as I started to get severe back pain and a heavy headache relatively quickly. So I wanted to go back to the appartement to take some medicine and lay down. My requests for company unfortunately didn’t find favour with my friends. So at the end I tried it on my own, hoping to manage the walk without accident. It took me about 20 minutes (instead of two) but I got home safely. I took some pills (neither red nor blue 😉 ) and went to bed.
Really early the next morning shaman-girl, Gwen and I had to get up and walk to the train station. Our train left shortly after 6 a.m. for Basel. As I was still tired, my had still hurt and the aftereffect of the heavy painkillers were also still lingering I slept most of the time during the travel home. Somewhat in the afternoon, we arrived safely at home.

Even if both concerts that evening were absolutely great, I wouldn’t do that journey again. The demons I’m battling at the moment are sometimes still stronger than I. In the end I will always be a spoonie and sometimes I should be more reasonable.


PS: If you like to see some good photos, go check out Gwens page, as she took nice pictures with her „babycamera“.

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